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so, about me

I'm a 'jack of all trades' based in Sydney, Australia. I started work as a photojournalist in 1979 and have been making money from photography (in some way or another) ever since. In 1986 I won the Australasian Underwater Photographer of the Year - the biggest competition of its type in the world at the time. This was rewarding for someone who loves the ocean and has spent many, many hours diving and surfing.

In the 90s I moved into IT at a publishing company; programming, system admin and print management. During this period I was also a director of Community Newspapers Australia which was an advocate group for over 200 newspapers across the country.

Software I've written includes an editorial system, costing programs, delivery databases, imposition software and more automation scripts than I could possibly recall. I have considerable experience in both offset and digital print and am proficient in publishing applications from Preps to Indesign and Affinity Publisher. I (completely immodestly) consider myself an 'expert' in Mac related systems.

I've written and photographed a book of sport photography and have produced personal projects on Japan and the NSW Outback.

I'm a CASA certified ReOC holder (commercial drone pilot).

In my spare time I like to build stuff; furniture, guitars, boats or whatever takes my fancy. I play guitar (badly), swim, play touch football and love rock climbing.